High-power therapy laser provides a safe, non-invasive solution for pain management, wound healing and rehabilitation.

The Class IV therapeutic laser that delivers advanced pain relief and enhanced tissue healing, laser therapy is an innovative drug-free and surgery-free solution for our pets.

The K-Laser USA unit is an innovative and effective Class IV therapeutic laser. High-energy laser therapy safely penetrates deeply into the body to diminish pain and stimulate healing. Many pets suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis caused by hip dysplasia, spondylosis, traumatic injury, etc. Non-steroid anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) provide significant relief from pain, but long-term use of these drugs can have some undesirable effects. In addition, some animals are NSAID-intolerant. Cats are particularly sensitive to some of these medications, so there are fewer pain-management options available for the feline patient. Laser therapy provides a safe solution for them.

Therapy with a high-powered Laser is a faster and more effective way of treating conditions than with lower powered laser. Higher Laser power allows for deeper penetration and improved light saturation at deeper depths that translates into shorter treatments and a quicker response in treated chronic conditions. The higher-powered laser will be able to deliver therapeutic doses to deeper targets in a shorter amount of time.

Laser therapy has also shown very good results when used on surgical incisions and wounds. Traumatized tissue swells less and heals more quickly when treated with a high-powered therapeutic laser. Treatments last about 2-5 minutes per site and are completely comfortable for the patient.

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